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XI Alina Rhythmic Gymnastics Festival was held in Moscow

The Alina 2022 festival was held in Moscow and was dedicated to the Great Patriotic War.

The broadcast of the X Alina Charitable Rhythmic Gymnastics Festival

The Alina Rhythmic Gymnastics Festival was held at the VTB Ice Palace in Moscow, and gymnasts from Italy, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Israel and Japan took part in it.

Alina-2017 rhythmic gymnastics festival theme - fairy tales

The Rossiya State Central Concert Hall hosted the Alina Rhythmic Gymnastics Festival dedicated to children's fairy tales.

The broadcast of the VIII Alina rhythmic gymnastics festival

The Alina Festival in 2016 was dedicated to the outstanding women of Russia and gathered more than 5,000 people to watch the performances.

The VII Alina festival, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War

The International Alina-2015 Rhythmic Gymnastics Festival was held without hosts, and WWII veterans were among the audience.

The broadcast of the VI International Alina-2014 festival, dedicated to childhood dreams

Moscow hosted the Alina Rhythmic Gymnastics Festival, which was attended by gymnasts from the Russian national team, as well as the men's rhythmic gymnastics team from Japan.

Anniversary Alina-2013 festival in Moscow

The 5th Alina International Rhythmic Gymnastics Festival in 2013 brought together a record number of participants - nearly 800 athletes, including gymnasts from Cuba.

The broadcast of the International Alina-2012 festival

Ahead of the Olympic Games, London hosted the IV Alina Festival, which featured a combination of rhythmic gymnastics and circus performances.

III International Alina-2011 Rhythmic Gymnastics Festival

In 2011, the Alina Rhythmic Gymnastics Festival hosted teams from various countries, including Israel, Cuba, Bulgaria and Germany.

The broadcast of the II International Alina-2010 Festival

The State Central Concert Hall Rossiya, in Moscow, hosted the II International Alina Rhythmic Gymnastics Festival, where young gymnasts from Russia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, and Kazakhstan performed.