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Karolina Tarasova placed third at the Scarlet Sails tournament

The athlete took part in the competition held in St. Petersburg.

Stefania Prut talked about preparing for the Scarlet Sails tournament

Before the trip to St. Petersburg, the gymnast took part in the training camp at the Academy.

Karolina Tarasova is off to the competition in St. Petersburg

The gymnast will take part in the Scarlet Sails tournament organized by the Zhemchuzhina Rhythmic Gymnastics Center.

Moments at the Academy training camp

Class in session at the Alina Kabaeva Sky Grace Rhythmic Gymnastics Academy

Performance by Yustina Gordeeva from Sochi at the assessment training session

The gymnast was one of the youngest Alina Kabaeva Sky Grace Rhythmic Gymnastics Academy training camp.

Training camp ends at the Academy

It was attended by young gymnasts from different regions of Russia.

Lesson with choreographer Natalya Likhobabina at the Academy training camp

Gymnasts learned new movements during choreography class at the training camp.

A gift for Olympic champion Alina Kabaeva from one of the training camp participants

Elizaveta Moiseenko from Gatchina, one of the youngest gymnasts at the Academy training camp gave the Olympic champion a doll.

A walk along the Black Sea coast for the participants of the Academy training camp

Young gymnasts, together with coaches Alexandra Ametova and Elena Berkova, enjoyed the sun and a fresh sea breeze

Alina Kabaeva comforted an athlete, who received a minor injury

The Olympic champion encouraged Anna Vakulenko from Volgograd and recommended not perform, in order to get better.